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iBreathe Mk3 Success on 1st Job

Deep Life's third generation of respiratory simulator has successfully completed its first client job: a hyperbaric compliance assessment.
The Mk3 iBreathe simulator comprises a mannequin like body, with interchangeable heads that can be used from vacuum to depths equivalent to 1000 metres of water, and can be used in heliox, pure oxygen, air or submersed in water, measuring breathing resistance and Work of Breathing in real time.
The new generation has lower noise than ever before, enabling medical respirators to be assessed at even the slowest respiratory rates, while retaining the ability to test equipment under extreme workloads under hyperbaric conditions. Penetrator requirements are relaxed in this 3rd Generation machine, requiring only power grade penetrators into the test chamber, rather than data grade penetrators required previously.

Six Rebreather models in production

Open Safety Equipment Ltd has six radically different rebreather models in production, all developed by Deep Life. Four of these have full CE certification, and two have equivalent approval by non-EU governmental bodies. All are a product of the Open Revolution safety project pioneered by Deep Life, and meet the IEC Functional Safety standard at SIL 3. The rebreathers are complex systems comprising electronics, software, mechanics, covering the full range of diving applications.

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The process that Deep Life use for all high integrity applications has been certified to EN 61508 SlL 3, the "Gold Standard" in Functional Safety, for rebreathers and other critical applications in the dive industry.

This is a major step forward: very few companies worldwide have achieved certification to this level for the full lifecycle process for new products, and Deep Life becomes the first for a company in the diving industry. SIL 3 is a very onerous level, beyond that achieved even by current commercial aircraft.

For 2018, we are extending the scope of our Functional Safety scheme to cover breathing gas control in avionic and industrial environments - eliminating hypoxic blackouts in aircraft and ensuring a healthy environment for workers operating in potentially hazardous areas.

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Deep Life's iBreathe hyperbaric respiratory simulators (breathing machines), are used by all major companies producing commercial diving rebreathers and increasingly for military rebreathers, hyperbaric dive systems and researchers.

The machines enable CE and NORSOK test sets to be completed faster than using traditional methods. The machines fit inside any hyperbaric chamber, and operate under CNC control, to provide any breathing pattern, any stroke, any test set at a touch of a button.

All results are displayed in real time, including Lissajous, The test reports are generated in Word format automatically at the touch of a button.

The machines are available from Open Safety, ex-stock.