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Dive Computer Release

A Deep Life client has released the first dive computer to achieve a Functional Safety standard, at IMDEX Asia 2013, in Singapore.
This provides a wide range of fully verified and validated decompression algorthms in one of the easiest to use dive computers ever produced. The dive computer is offered by Apollo, renown for top quality products the top end of the market.
Apollo has a long history of innovation since its formation in 1965, bringing many technologies to market that have been adopted universally from many regulator features to breathable dry suits, split-fins and short fins.. Apollo is currently the world's largest independent dive equipment company.

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Five Rebreathers Released

Deep Life have fully released five radically different rebreather models for production in the past six months. Four of these have full CE certification, the fifth is for non-CE applications. All are a product of the Open Revolution safety project pioneered by Deep Life, and meet the IEC Functional Safety standard at SIL 3. The rebreathers are complex systems comprising electronics, software, mechanics, covering the full range of diving applications. Deep Life's clients for these designs are now beginning to ship to their end customers, delivering unprecedented performance.

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Deep Life provide design services that enable our clients to achieve recognised functional safety standards.

To demonstrate the thoroughness of Deep Life's work, a full safety case to EN 61508 is published here for a family of rebeathers to SIL 3, demonstrating that with Deep Life even portable and subsea systems can meet Functional Safety Standards. To find out more, click on the icon above.

These rebreathers are the first dive product ever to achieve a recognised functional safety standard, and they do that at SIL 3 - a very onerous level.

To explore how Deep Life can help your systems achieve functional safety targets, contact our sales team via

Deep Life's hyperbaric respiratory simulators (hyperbaric breathing machines), are already used by all major companies producing commercial diving rebreathers and increasingly for military rebreathers, hyperbaric dive systems and researchers.

This new generation of machines enable CE and NORSOK test sets that formerly took weeks, to be completed in a day or two. The machines fit inside any hyperbaric chamber, and operate under CNC control, to provide any breathing pattern, any stroke, any test set at a touch of a button.

All results are displayed in real time, including Lissajous, The test reports are generated in Word format automatically at the touch of a button.

The machines are available from Open Safety, ex-stock.

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