Example IEC 61508 Safety Case: Recent Updates

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Recent updates and releases to the rebreather safety case underpinning Deep Life's Commercial. Military and Recreational diving rebreather products (manufactured by Open Safety and TDSO:

FMECA Top Level (V6) 26th February 2017 (1.23MB)
This is a key industry resource, providing a Top Down FMECA against which any rebreather can be checked for safety before releasing to manned trials or to production. The update clarifies how oxygen sensors work, as we became aware that the basic physics may not be apparent to non-technical readers.



Accident Database and Reviews with analysis,18th December 2017 (1.3MB)
The public extract of the Comprehensive Database of Rebreather Fatal Accidents and analysis, of 461 rebreather fatal accidents. . Manufacturers can use this data to improve designs, instructors can use it to improve training, and divers can learn from it too. This names divers where these are in the public domain, to enable the accuracy of the list to be verified more easily by third parties.

Paper revealing the dichotomy within the sports rebreather industry, where limited budgets result in some companies spending on marketing at the cost of engineering, and the actual consequences of those decisions.
Oxygen Cell Failure Test Cases for Assessment of PPO2 Sensor Fusion and PPO2 Control Algorithms (362KB)
Last updated 25th March 2013. Test cases for use in validating the safety of PPO2 sensor fusion algorithms and PPO2 Controllers prior to lab testing

Tolerance of Deep Life Oxygen Cells to CO2 Exposure (528KB)
An assessment of the effect of CO2 exposure on the performance of oxygen cells for rebreather applications.
Fault Study: Turbulent CO2 Bypass in Rebreather One-Way Valves (1.6MB)
Updated 14th Mar 2011

An important fault mode that affects pliable valves, causing higher inhaled CO2 levels for the diver, and distortion of scrubber endurance test data if the fault is present or stimulated by the test. . The report includes evidence that the fault is not present in the Deep Life and OSEL ALVBOV.

Press Release on APD and Functional Safety (340KB) 30th Nov 2010
A response to an APD Press Release naming a member of Deep Life's team, providing balanced information on this important issue of Functional Safety of rebreathers.

Oxygen Cells for Dive Applications: Sourcing, Performance, Safety and Reliability. (4MB) 7th Jan 2011
An assessment of oxygen cells for rebreather applications.

Oxygen Cells for Dive Applications: Sourcing, Performance, Safety and Reliability. (4MB)
Last updated 15th April 2016. An assessment of oxygen cells for rebreather applications.

ALVBOV provides automatic bailout (ALV and BOV combined) MP4 Video (34MB) Nov 2010
The CE Approved ALVBOV provides automatic bailout for all of the O.R. rebreathers. This video shows how it combines many novel safety features.
Open Revolution single scrubber endurance to EN14143 and NORSOK U101 and Volume Weighted Average Inspired CO2 during endurance tests. (1.6MB) Dec 2010.
Scrubber performance of the single scrubber Open Revolution rebreathers.

Hydrostatic imbalance of Deep Life Open Revolution Rebreathers: compliance assessment to EN 14143, NORSOK U101, NATO STANAG 1410 and NEDU TA05-12 requirements (3.9MB) Nov 2010
Full test using production samples to design documentation revision in Bill Of Materials Rev 20. Format and procedure follows that of hydrostatic tests on previous versions of these products, but with complete retest.